How Much Does It Cost To Hire A REALTOR®?

Dated: August 2 2022

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So how much does hiring a Realtor® cost?

For Buyers: On the buying side it is FREE to hire a Realtor®. Thats right you read that correct IT IS FREE! The commission is paid for on the sellers side and split between the two agents who created the sale between buyer and seller. So why not hire a Realtor®? It will make sure everything is done in a timely matter and guarantees all your wants in a property are met. Plus makes the buying process stress free! 

For Sellers: When selling a property the cost to hire a Realtor® is a small percentage of the sale price. When priced right this small percentage will not even phase you and you wont even notice it. Hiring a Realtor® guarantees your property will be marketed correctly, professionals will make sure the process is smooth for you and goes in timely matter. And gets you the best deal! 

Let me know if you are thinking of buying, selling, or even investing. And we can work out something that works for you and your needs!

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