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Lets Take A Minute To Compare

 Whether you want to rent or own is up to you and your family and your specific needs in the moment.
 But lets look at some of the benefits of owning a home.

1. You are paying yourself not a landlord. The payments you make each month build towards equity on an asset of your OWN! Doesnt it sound nice to say you own property?!?

2.Mortgages tend to be cheaper and more affordable than rent payments,plus the amount is locked in. While rent payments can increase anywhere from a month to a years notice. Lets not get caught off guard with a payment increase and lock in that set price with a mortgage.

3. #Homeownership offers stability. #Renting is often looked at as a short time solution and can be helpful for the time being but when looking for anything long term (2 years+) homeownership is probably the way to go so you are not faced with changes and the stress of constantly moving or worrying about leases.

4. Lastly, wouldnt you love to look at a wall with a color you love or pictures you like? When renting there is often rules saying you can not do this or that and it is hard to make a house a home if it is not customizable to you and your likes. Owning gives you the freedom to paint that wall and do everything your heart desires.

If owning sounds like something you want to learn more about give me a call,email, or DM and id be happy to answer any questions you have. 
And if renting if what youre set on.... I can help with that to!


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Lets Take A Minute To Compare Whether you want to rent or own is up to you and your family and your specific needs in the moment. But lets look at some of the benefits of owning a home.1.

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