Have you seen this too?

Dated: June 26 2020

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Have you noticed there are very few real estate “For Sale” signs in your neighborhood?

On Sundays, you barely ever see an open house sign around here lately.

A lot of people are saying the real estate market is slow…including some real estate agents.

Well, it is, and it isn’t

Listing activity is low. Basically put, very few homes are being listed for sale in the area.

And that’s why it may seem like it is a slow market.

But what you don’t see, unless you’re an active real estate agent, are all of the buyers clamoring for something to buy. But there’s nothing for them to buy.

Especially in our area. 

I personally have very ready, willing, and able buyers right now for this area. And there are even more being represented by other agents.

This is the lowest amount of inventory we have seen in years!!

So, it is only a slow market, because it is a “low” market…

So what does this mean for you?

Maybe nothing…

But, if you’ve been even slightly considering selling your home, this is as perfect a time to do so as there ever is.

When inventory is low, you have advantages…

  • Less competition with other sellers (obviously).
  • Ability to negotiate terms you can’t always get. (More time to look for a house to purchase, for instance.)
  • Better price for your home. (This is simple supply and demand…)
  • Typically a quicker sale, so less hassle of having people constantly coming to see your house and interrupting your day to day life.

So, if you’ve been thinking about selling your home, give me a call. No obligation…

I’ll swing by and see if what you have to sell is something any of my buyers, or other agents’ buyers are currently looking for. If it is, we can chat about whether or not it makes sense for you to move right now, while the inventory is low.

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Have you seen this too?

Have you noticed there are very few real estate “For Sale” signs in your neighborhood?On Sundays, you barely ever see an open house sign around here lately.A lot of people are saying the

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