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Top First Time Home Buyer FAQ’s Answered

How do I know if I qualify for a loan and how much I can afford?Contact a mortgage lender to get pre-approval for a loan. The lender will ask you some basic questions about your income and debts and

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12 Tips for Decorating a Large Wall

Have a large wall space that needs some décor but worried it will cost you hundreds of dollars in art? Not necessarily! Here are some ideas for filling a large wall without emptying your bank

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Have you seen this too?

Have you noticed there are very few real estate “For Sale” signs in your neighborhood?On Sundays, you barely ever see an open house sign around here lately.A lot of people are saying the

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More People Are Leaving The City For The Suburbs

While the country is reopening and restrictions are being lifted, the quarantine experience is still fresh in many potential buyer’s minds—and many of those buyers are favoring spacious

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