Johnston County Schools Profile

Dated: 10/30/2017

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Johnston County Public Schools


Total Number of Schools  46

Elementary Schools  23

Middle Schools  13

High Schools  11

Alternative Schools (6-8, 9-12)  2


Total Enrollment  35,484

Elementary School Students 16,428 - Middle School Students 8,258 - High School Students  10,798 

Student Profile:

African American 16%, Asian 0.7%, Hispanic 22%, Native American 0.4%, White 58%, Multi 3.1% 

Our district has students from 46different countries. More than 52 different native languages are spoken bystudents in JCS. In addition to English, the top five languages spoken are:Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian. 

Scholarships  $53 million

Employees (Full Time):

Total Number of Employees: 4292, Classroom Teachers: 2404, National Board Certified Teachers:  262


Students Transported Daily:  22,451 

Total Number of Buses:  260 

Gallons of fuel per month:  4,346 

Miles Traveled Daily:  22,512

Food Services - Child Nutrition:

Total Meals Served Per Year:  3,909,124 

Average Sanitation Grade:  99.6

Meals Served Daily:  21,7178


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