Clayton Civitan Club

Dated: 03/09/2018

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The Clayton Civitan Club is a wonderful organization in our community.  

CivitanInternational is a community service organization made up of clubs inthirty-nine countries around the world. 

TheClayton Civitan club of North Carolina operates locally with volunteer membersgiving their time to make their community a better place to live. The ClaytonCivitan Club was chartered in 1960 to support the growing needs of thecommunity in Clayton, NC. Our Mission is to build good citizenship by providinga volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and communityneeds.  In short, we are looking to builda better world, together.


Football & Cheer:

•Tackle (ages 7 - 12) 

•Flag (ages 5 & 6) 

•Cheer (ages 7-12) 


•Boys 2nd grade to HS Varsity


•Coach Pitch (8U) 

•Juniors (10 U) 

•Seniors (12 U) 

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